Block and Reduce Pain
Block and Reduce Pain

TeslaFit treatments improve pain in both chronic and acute conditions, often better and faster than traditional treatments.

Increase Growth Factors
Increase Growth Factors

PEMFs maximize growth factors by increasing nitric oxide production, effectively reducing inflammation and improving vascular function.

Improve Cellular Repair
Improve Cellular Repair

TeslaFit ensures tissues have the energy required to regenerate, whether as a response to normal aging or because of an injury.

Increased Blood Oxygenation
Increase Blood Oxygenation

High intensity PEMFs dramatically increase circulation and blood oxygenation, boosting cellular respiration and metabolism.

PEMFs improve health in many ways.

– Increased calcium transport and absorption for stronger bones, joints and muscles

– Increased supply of oxygen, ions and nutrients to cells

– Increased ATP production by enhanced enzyme reactions

– Increased partial oxygen pressure

– Increased production of nitric oxide

– Stimulation of cellular repair mechanisms

– Anti-oxidation regulation

– Boosting the immune system by improving the adhesion of white blood cells

– Enhanced cellular and tissue elasticity with increased collagen production

– Decreased swelling, inflammation, and pain

– Stimulation of cellular repair mechanism

– Accelerated detoxification of cells and organs

– Increased absorption of nutrients and pharmaceuticals

– Improved micro-circulation

PEMF and <br> Contraindications

PEMF and

PEMF devices are not suitable for anyone with an implanted electrical device such as a pacemaker, or with an uncontrolled bleeding disorder.

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References and <br> Abstracts

References and

There have been more than 2,000 university-level double-blind medical studies done on PEMF therapy. Here is a sample of study topics.